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Original Prusa i3 MK3 is out! And it’s bloody smart! – Prusa Printers

It has not been that long ago since we released Original Prusa i3 MK2S and some speculate that we can go for a year without another major release. However, MK2S was just a reliability upgrade and in fact MK2 is

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Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Limited Edition comes with a 3D printed Death Trooper helmet

Nissan has teamed up with Lucasfilm for their newest automotive model, the 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition, complete with 3D printed Death Trooper replica helmet. It’s ‚the closest you’ll ever get to sitting in the cockpit

Getagged mit: , , , , , – Adafruit’s 3D printed PiGRRL Zero puts retro gaming in your pocket | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Adafruit’s Ruiz Brothers have posted a tutorial for the PiGRRL Zero, their latest Gameboy-style, 3D printed emulator. The PiGRRL Zero, which packs 14 buttons and a 2.2′ color display into its tiny landscape casing, is built around the $5 Raspberry

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This tiny 3D printed ‚Gameboy‘ Raspberry Pi Zero will take you back to the 90s

🙂 Danish 3D printing wunderkind Rasmus Hauschild has built an incredibly cool Raspberry Pi Zero with 3D printed Gameboy-style casing. The tiny 3D printed device runs RetroPie Emulationstation, on which users can return to obsolete gaming platforms with ease. Quelle:

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Autodesk’s Project Escher on Vimeo

Ein FDM Drucker mit (wirklich) mehreren Druckköpfen. Wichtig ist die Software. Ohne die passende Software könnte jeder Druckkopf einfach nur die anderen spiegeln. Das ist schon seit längerem möglich. Das Autodesk Projekt Escher hingegen teilt ein Objekt so auf, dass

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Noch mehr kleine Symbole für die Wand

Ich finde, dass die meisten White Boards ein wenig mehr Pepp brauchen. So kleine oder auch große gedruckte Symbole machen da schon viel her.   Das „Geldsymbol“ hatte ich mit einem Objet 500 Connex 3 gedruckt. Ist leider nicht so ganz

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ATtiny85 Ring Watch

Eigentlich total hässlich, aber die Idee finde ich toll. Base on the previous Instructables – ATtiny Watch Core and more, I have made a real gadget, an ATtiny85 Ring Watch. Quelle: ATtiny85 Ring Watch

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Das elektronische Schaf

Lange ist es her, seit ich mich um das elektronische Schaf gekümmert habe. Mit dem Unterboden war ich nicht wirklich zufrieden. Nun habe ich mich endlich mal an einen neuen Versuch gewagt.   Die Motoren sind nun um 5° nach

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3D printer nozzles could last longer: Harvard researchers design most durable anti-fouling material to date

Researchers at Harvard have developed an innovative anti-fouling material which is able to vastly reduce the corrosion and fouling of steel. Their research could have a valuable knock-on effect for the 3D printing community. Quelle: 3D printer nozzles could last

Getagged mit: , , – Stratasys launches Objet500 Dental Selection multi-material 3D printer for high volume dental labs | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Stratasys‘ new larger platform Objet500 3D printer offers increased throughput and productivity for larger digital dental labs. Its triple-jetting technology and multi-color, multi-material 3D printing allow for ultra-realistic, life-like color dental models to be 3D printed in a single run.

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